I originally created Equine World world in September 1999 after playing a SIM called Equestrian for several months.  One of the other members of this game, Shelley, followed me and with her as a Vice President, we made the basic website and rules which started Equine World.  When Shelley had to depart, Martha and Krystle were added to the management as vice presidents.  As the game grew in popularity and my web design experience increased, Jessie and Katha were added as vice presidents, and Krystle was made an equal partner in ownership of the game as a Co-President.  Now, as yet another VP departs, the management still consists of mainly founding members.  In May 2004, the game finally happened upon the funds to register a true domain of our own, with ad-free web space for the first time.  Long term goals include an interactive banking system, and a horse index which registers every horse created within the game; whether they are retired or in an active state.  The most important aim of this online SIM is to create a game that members of any age or ability can enjoy. 

Katie Morrison
Founding President

Please feel free to contact me anytime.