Welcome to the rules page.  These are the basic ideas behind Equine World, with the intention of keeping the game fun and fair!

You must read and understand these rules before joining.

If there is a rule you disagree with, contact Krystle and discuss it with her.

Broken rules result in a warning, SIM money fine, or removal from the game.  This depends on the frequency or severity of the rule being broken. 

EWM stands for Equine World Management.  This includes Krystle as president, Cahla, Marz, and Sam as vice presidents. 

Please understand these definitions before joining.

A green member is new member.  They can create 3  horses, own up to 25, board them, breed them, host shows, and buy and sell horses.  They are not listed on the members page yet.

experienced member has been active for one month.  They apply and are then listed on the members page.  They complete disasters, can go on the waiting list to open a stable,  and can open a registry or business.  They may own up to 45 horses. You must apply to be an experienced member.  You'll find the  application on the members page. 

expert member has been active for at least one year.  They may own up to 55 horses, can breed up to four mares per month, and can open a stable at any time.

The President of the game can eliminate you from the game at any time.

If you are interested in opening your own stable, registry, or business, you must first email Krystle asking permission, and you must be an experienced member.  You must go on the waiting list to open a stable.   

If you create your own stable, registry or business, the President has say in what types of rules go on.  This will only be implemented if the rules are considered unfair, and include showing, breeding, selling, buying, registering and retiring.  

If a member wants something on the Equine World pages to be updated or changed, they must email the President of the game, not post it on the message board.  Patience is appreciated, as updating can take several days.

All conflicts are to be reported to Krystle immediately.  She will help you deal with the dispute in a fair, efficient way.  This includes arguments over pictures, names, and anything else.  Please do not try and solve the issue yourself.  Unnecessary rude behavior is not acceptable in this game.  We are respectful to the other members and management always.

When in doubt regarding any rule, contact Krystle and clarify.  Obviously every possible rule could not be located on this page.


Arguing, fighting, cursing or rude behavior on any of the message boards is completely forbidden and will often result in removal from the game.  Please be respectful to all other members, and report any disagreements in email form only to Krystle immediately.  Do not email the person with which you are fighting.

To join, read and follow the directions on the "Joining" page. As soon as you do this, you are a green member of Equine World.  You will receive a response-email from an EWM within the day, but you do not have to wait for this to post messages on the boards.

Required tasks are to be completed as asked.  This includes disasters for every experienced member, results for shows you host, and updates for stables, registries or businesses you own. 

Never send forwards, jokes or surveys to people in Equine World.  If you generally send a lot of forwards, please keep separate address books. 

If you wish to advertise your own SIM game on the Equine World message boards, please contact Krystle and ask permission, and include the link.  The management does allow some amount of approved advertising on some of the boards.


You can make up 3 horses to begin with, all others must be purchased, traded or bred. 

If you are boarding at another stable, you can own a maximum of 25 horses.

If you own your own stable, you can own a maximum of 45 horses, with the exception of expert members, who may own up to 55.

At the age of 25, all horses must stop breeding and showing.  At the age of thirty, all horses must be permanently retired to the retirement pasture. 

All horses must be registered in the Mandatory Registry before they can breed, show, or exists whatsoever.  Green members register their horses by entering them on the "RAH for green members", experienced and expert members register their on the other RAH board.  

All horses over two years of age must be aged one year on the first of July, and on the first of January.  


When a horse is purchased, a new picture may be used, and the horse is aged appropriately.  The name, sire, dam, height, breed and colors of the horse may not change. 

When a member puts a horse up for sale, they may have "requirements" such as they want "first dibs" if the horse is ever sold again, they want free breedings, etc.  While they are allowed to request it, and you are allowed to agree, once a horse is in a new owners hands, none of the prior agreements are considered valid.  The new owner may decide to honor the requests, but are in no way expected to.

Members must post sale bids for themselves. This means another member cannot post a bid on a horse that, if won, the horse will be sold to you. Under exceptional circumstances this may occur, but you must have direct permission of the management.


When breeding horses, the owner of the foal has initial right to determine the color, gender, height and name.  The owner of the parents does not have an actual say in the stats (including name) of the foal.

Each member can breed two mares per month.  Stallions can be bred as frequently as you wish, as long as the owner of the mare has not exceeded her two per month limit.   The exception is expert members, who may breed four. 

The owner of the horse is defined as the person who has registered the horse in the Mandatory Registry.  Leased horses do not count as owned horses.  You may not "switch" breedings with other members.

A foal is born after two weeks gestation.  The foal can then be aged however the owner wishes until the foal is two years of age.  (Can become two years old immediately, can remain a foal forever).  Horses cannot breed or show under saddle until they are two years old. 

Each member in EW may have one set of twins in their time as being an EW member.  They must first contact the EWM so that the breeding can be recorded. 


Green members begin the game with $50 000.  They must start a post in the Green Members folder of the online bank and are required to keep accurate records.

Experienced members are given an additional $150 000.  They are given a bank account in the Online Bank and required to keep accurate records. 


If you are interested in hosting a show, you must get it approved by Krystle.  Please include your class list, entry form and rules.  (Shows will not be rejected unless they somehow break a rule). The results must be random. 

Shows must be hosted at a stable or registry.  If you cannot find one, Krystle will always let you host a show at Whispering Falls Equine Center for free.

When hosting a show, you may not enter your own horses in the show. 

Your horses ribbons must be displayed somewhere on their pages.  Please update monthly at least.

The closing date of the show must be displayed in the Current Events post advertising the show, or clearly on the website of the show.

The host of the show MUST post that the show is closed in the original post of the show. This means in the MAIN post ("Modify" it!) where it is clear to any member wanting to enter.

The host of the show MUST do the results. You are not permitted to get another member to do the results for your show so that you can enter your horses in it.

Shows where horses are entered in all classes of mixed disciplines are no longer allowed. The only way these shows can be held is if there are separate class lists for each of the English, Western, Halter or Driving divisions. Another option is to host a Western only or English only show, containing JUST English or Western classes.

In a show containing more than one division, horses are only permitted to enter ONE division, and no more.

Members are not permitted to enter more than 10 horses per show at any time.

Shows are not permitted to have more than 10 classes per division. Horses cannot earn more than 10 ribbons per show.

When entering breeds that are not ridden, please be aware of what they can do. Miniature breeds are only permitted to enter Halter, In-Hand or Driving divisions. Zebras are only permitted to enter Halter or In-Hand divisions. For example, do not enter your miniature in a cross-country event, because obviously they could not do it.


If you plan to be absent from the game for a period of time:

Less than 2 weeks:  Post a message on the Gone Fishin'  message board, stating the date you are leaving at the date you are expected to return.  You do not have to post the reason you are leaving, but you can if you like. 

2 - 4 weeks: Follow instructions above, but email Krystle and notify her of your extended absence.

More than 4 weeks: Contact Krystle and discuss a solution to your very extended absence.  You may be asked to leave the game and return when you are more able to participate. 



Experienced and expert members are expected to notify Krystle before leaving the game.  

If a green member quits Equine World, they may not leave any horses to any members.  Their horses are retired.

If an experienced member leaves Equine World, they may leave up to five of their horses to other members, the rest must be retired.

If an expert member leaves Equine World, they may leave all of their horses to other members.  

If you go more than three weeks without playing the game or contacting the management, your horses will be retired and you will be considered inactive.  You may join again anytime, but you will have to start over.