Equine World is currently accepting new members for a short time.  To join, simply copy and paste the form below and email it to Marz, at the email found under the form. 

One of our vice presidents, Marz, will reply promptly with a detailed email.  Read this email.

Remember: You must register a message board account before posting.  Your name must be the same name you registered with.  No handles.  Any accounts with numbers, underscores, or names that do not match the first name you registered with will be deleted automatically. 


Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Age (You must be at least 13 to play):
Do you agree to notify the management whenever you decide to leave the game?
Do you agree to read the first email Marz sends to you in response to this form?
Have you read the rules, and do you understand them?
Can you commit 1 hour per week to this game?
From where did you learn of Equine World? (ie search engine, current member, SIM game list, etc)
Comments (anything else you wish to share or comment on!):

Send all above information to Marz, at horse_wisper@hotmail.com
For the time being, please send applications to the president, Krystle at whisperingfallsequinecenter@yahoo.ca while Marz is on a short leave of absence. Thank you.