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What is Equine World? How old do I have to be? What do I need?
Do I need a website? What does "EW" mean? What is SIM money?
Internet safety? Does the game cost anything?  How do I join?
How do I get started? Which stable do I board at? What is a "Message Board"?
How do you "breed" horses? How long is a mare "bred" for? Am I a member? 
What are "Disasters"? No ads on pages, but on message boards? What does the EWM do?
I want to open a stable!  I want to open a business!  I have more questions!

What is Equine World?

Equine World is a SIM (simulation), Internet-Based Game.  Members care for their virtual horses while managing their SIM finances and interacting with other members.  The premise can seem confusing to a first-time player.  Viewing the message boards and stables may help you to understand.  Once you start playing, it's fun and interactive.


How old do I have to be to play Equine World?

It is the law in most states and provinces that you must be thirteen years old to play online SIM games.  This is why there are two different statuses of player in the popular Horseland.com game.  (Junior and regular).  For this reason, Equine World allows only members over thirteen years old to join the game.  We apologize for any inconvenience; it's not that we don't enjoy younger members!


What do I need to have to play Equine World?

To play Equine World you need regular access to the internet and an email address.   Horse knowledge is useful, but not necessary; you can always learn as you play!  You do not need to know HTML or how to make a webpage, but if you do have web designing skills, you can use them once you become an experienced member.  You may learn a lot about both computers and horses as you play the game!


Do I need a website to play Equine World?

No, you only need a website if you want to host your own virtual stable, registry, or business.  If you don’t know HTML and you want to do this, the president or other members can help teach you, and you can get a website for free!  


What does “EW” mean?

EW stands for Equine World, the name of the game.


What is “SIM money”?

SIM Money is pretend money to use in Equine World.  When you join, you receive $50 000 SIM.  You will keep track of your money in the Equine World Online Bank.  The President will explain the system in detail once you join.   See how much money you can make breeding, selling and showing! 


I’m a parent, and my child wants to join Equine World.  Do we have to tell anyone our names or personal information?

No, Equine World will never ask for any personal information such as full name, credit card numbers, phone numbers, or addresses.  Do not disclose any of this information to any other members, or place it on the message boards.  If you’re not comfortable with giving your first name or last initial, make one up! Equine World is designed to be safe and fun for everyone.


Does Equine World cost anything to play?

No, Equine World will never cost you anything, ever.  All SIM transactions are completely pretend, and any goods or services you purchase with your SIM money are not real.  


How do I join Equine World?

To join Equine World, read through the rules and browse through this FAQ.  Go to the joining page and fill out the form.  The president will respond to your form with a long, detailed email explaining exactly how you play the game.  Read it. Feel free to ask her any questions that weren’t answered on the site or in the email.  Although you aren't obligated to anything by joining, please let the President know before quitting. 


How do I get started?  

Once you’ve emailed Krystle, you’re a member!  Then, you can create three horses of your choice, and find a picture to go along with them.   Once you join, Krystle will send you an email that explains the game very clearly.  You will receive that email within the day.  If you don't understand how to start playing the game, wait for the email.  


How do I know which stable to board at?

Browse through the stables listed under "public" stables.  All stables have a separate page entitled "Stable Information" or something similar.  Click that link to see if the stable is accepting new boarders or not.  Choose one you like, and email the person that owns that stable (you will find their name and email on the page).  They’ll get back to you ASAP.   In the email Katie M. sends you, she will list at least three stables that are currently accepting new boarders.


What is a "Message Board" and what are they for? 

A message board is like a big email that everyone can read.  Anyone can post a message, and everyone can read all the posts.  Click "Forums" to view all the ones affiliated with Equine World.  There are many!  "Current Events" lists the shows that are currently taking place.  "Show results" lists the results of the shows.  "Horses for sale" and "Horse for auction" are places people sell their horses, "Horse Wanted" is a place to advertise your wanted ads.  "Horses For Stud & Brood" board is for advertising your horses for breeding.  Some message boards are just for fun and others you must use in order to comply with the rules of Equine World.  If you don't understand their descriptions (found just below their title link on the forum page) email Katie M. and she will explain each one's usage. 


How do you "breed" horses in Equine World?

Whether or not the foal is sold, if they own the mare, it counts towards their limit.  No exceptions.  Leasing does not change this.  To breed a foal, simply find a mare and a stallion.  They can be two of your horses, or one of yours and one of someone else's, or two of someone else's. (Usually if you use someone else's horses, you have to pay them a brood or stud fee).  You simply agree that the horses are bred, post a message on the "breed your horses" board ,stating the name of the parents and the date, and two weeks from that date, a foal is born!  Create the foal's stats as you did when you created your first three horses, except keeping consistent with the breed, depending on the breed of the parents. 


How long is a mare on Equine World pregnant for before she has her foal?

Normally, mares are pregnant for more than eleven months, but on Equine World, they’re pregnant for two weeks. 

How do you know the foal’s gender, size, color and breed?

The foal is the breed of whatever it’s sire and dam was.  Example: if an Arabian mare and a Quarter Horse stallion bred, their offspring would be Arab/QH cross.  All other stat’s for the foal are created by the owner of the sire or dam, or by the person purchasing the foal. 


I joined a long time ago! What do I have to do to get my name on the members page?

I apologize for the inconvenience of not having your name on the members page as soon as you join.  When you first join Equine World, you are a green member.  You have your horses, board at stables, buy and sell horses, show, and breed.  In order to have your name added to the members page, you have to be an active member for one month.  You are then considered an experienced member.  You can open a stable, registry or business and complete disasters.  Experienced members are expected to notify the Equine World management if they decide to leave Equine World at any time.  You must apply to be an experienced member.  Fill out the form on the members page! 


What are “disasters?”

A disaster is something that is assigned to you each month, or every other month.  It’s usually something that involves either a vet visit, or buying something.  If you have any more questions about your disaster, can email Marz, who is the member who runs the disasters.  Find her email address by going to the page under “members area.” Only experienced members complete disasters.


Why are the pages different from the message boards?

In May 2004 the management of the game, as well as several generous members, all pitched in for a one-years purchase of a real domain for Equine World.  The address, Equine-World.org, and the webspace that accompanies it, costs the management about $100 a year.  It would be another $50 a year to buy an ad-free message board.  As we're all young adults, many of us in college, we simply cannot afford another expense at this time.  The ads on the message boards will always be appropriate for a younger audience, and often equestrian related.  The management apologizes for this inconvenience. 


What do the President and Vice Presidents do?

Katie Morrison, the former President, created Equine World and the website for it.  She has since been unable to continue in the game, but she will be checking back often!

Krystle D. was made co-president in January 2004, and president in September 2006.  She has usual management duties, and ownership of the game fell on her, when Katie M. left the game. She is also the person to contact to have your horse show approved, and she and Marz are in charge of running the Equine World Approval Society.   

VP Cahla has the job of running tasks while other VP's are away.  As VP's often go on leave for personal reasons, this has become quite the task. 

VP Marz is in charge of watching bank accounts, mandatory registry lists, and much more to ensure members are keeping up with the everyday running of the game. She and Krystle are in charge of running the Equine World Approval Society.

VP Sam is in charge of being the Farrier, and helping Marz with the Health System operations, and of course much, much more to ensure the game continues to run smoothly.


I want to open a stable!

Opening your own stable in Equine World can be a lot of fun!  It can, however, also be a lot of work.  To go about opening your own stable, consider the following:

-You have to be an experienced member.  (See definition on members or rules page).
-You must email Krystle to go on the waiting list to open a private stable.  The list is not first-come-first-serve, but goes to the person who has been a member the longest or has been the most active and helpful. 
-You must be willing to update the stable regularly, and keep in alignment with the rules.  

Although I wish everyone could open a stable in Equine World, then there wouldn't be any boarders!  An experienced member can co-own a stable at any time; co-owners can each own a maximum of forty horses.  You cannot have more than two co-owners at one stable without special permission from the management.


I want to open a registry or business, what do I do?

An experienced member can open a registry or business anytime, as long as another member isn't already running it.   For examples of how businesses and registries are run, visit the pages and ask other members how they run and update them.  Krystle is happy to help you with any problems or questions you have about finding a web page, designing it, or HTML.  Get the idea approved first, then create the page. 


I have a question that isn't here! Where do I go?

If you have a question that isn't here, simply email the president, or one of the vice presidents.  They would be happy to help!  If you have an idea of a question that should be posted here, let Krystle know and she'll add it!